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hip hop


The Hip-hop goes back to the foundations of the movement of black culture Afro-American US culture and its history.

The Hip-hop culture is composed of 4 modes of expression that are basic: Djing, Mcing, B-boying and Graffiti, where the Hip-hop was born; these modes come from musical, cultural, social, religious, economic influences, they were adding ways of expression that have become part of our culture such as philosophy, poetry and fashion.

The music that is used is Rap which is a pretty big industry, from a simple ballad with Thalia "I want you" to reach the father of Rap music, African Bamvaata also Snop Doggy and 50Cent, among others.

The Hip-hop is a lifestyle that you see when walking down the streets in a painted Graffiti, seeing a young man wearing trousers draft, XXL shirts accompanied with lots of accessories like caps chains, earrings and tennis.

The Hip-hop approached to the fitness refers to teach a class that will last approximately one hour, doing an outstanding cardiovascular workout of a medium to high intensity through dance, for example: coordination in the arms, undulating movements, insulation , some "power move" (Break dance) as the official phase of the force class in getting the students strength, agility and coordination within a recreational environment, helping to release tension, it's a very anti-stress class, recommended to people from 16 years to 80 years or more.

To experience a Hip-hop class and feel in a "street" style as in New York, you just have to bring energy and comfortable clothes.

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