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¿What are they for? You probably already have done or heard this question and yet in most of the answers are: "to be muscled," "to be strong and sharp", and so on., But what is really behind this training, what are the benefits and guarantees to have a better quality of life in all aspects.

The exercise with weights, initially was a discipline exclusive to the body builders back in the 60's's, which was a war of vanities, as all those attending gyms did everything possible to be stronger and bigger than the companion training. Later on became the basis of all sports, as the athletes began to see great benefits and improvements in its performance from their practice because they saw that got more endurance and strength and, above all, declining injuries in men as young women.

Now a days, weights, besides to be a tool of good appearance are used to stop the effects of aging, because with aging: the rapid contraction of muscle fibers or explosive muscle fibers (used for anaerobic exercises) stunt at a rate faster than our fiber contraction slow or fibers resistance (aerobic) and strength training with weights. Another of the benefits of weight training is to increase muscle strength, which brings three basic qualities: THE APPROACH which gives training based on the desired goal. RESISTANCE is the ability to working out in a moderate way on a long period of time such as a marathon race. MUSCULAR STRENGTH is the ability to generate as much power as possible in a short period of time, as in the American football.

Among the qualities of weight training are all of our daily from getting up from a chair to lift up a baby from the floor among any other moves, it also prevents women osteoporosis because it increases their bone density.

The consequences of becoming stronger with a weight training, are both physiological and neurological strength, the physiological changes are the muscle hypertrophy (increase in muscle mass), and the neurological changes which in most the cases occurs before the muscle are the coordination of movements.

Among the benefits of muscle hypertrophy, which is metabolically active tissue also increases, getting results in our metabolic rate and thus burning more calories, especially after exercise. This does not mean that simply because we train with weights we are going to lose weight. We recommend to keep switching with an aerobic activity and a balanced diet.  

In conclusion the weight training will continue to be a popular way of exercise because of the benefits it offers; physical appearance, the control of the levels of body fat and weight, as well as enhanced resistance to injury and improving the skills of the sport and everyday life.

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