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The flexibility or stretching, are  a essential part of any physical activity you perform, whether training, exercise outdoors or at home, at gym, even in everyday activities that do not involve greater physical effort.

Many of us think that flexibility is only for the gymnasts; confronting this stereotype, is the embodiment of exercises that promote or maintain muscle flexibility in the daily training routine of top athletes (any discipline); who devote between 15 and 20 minutes per day or more to the increase in the Maximum Performance.

But what's behind all this? What is the practical benefit of flexibility along with the completion of a physical activity program?

Our muscles are made up of muscle fibers and handles; muscle contraction in any physical activity involves a stress or muscle fatigue, corresponding to the applied loads and volumes, including the psychological stress. While our body can adapt to stimuli exercised our muscles.

Flexibility provides relaxation and a faster recovery, it also increases the adaptation to the applied loads or volumes doing our muscle fibers stronger, more aesthetic, promoting a greater muscle definition. But the most important thing is that reduces the risk of injury.

At Gold's Gym Polanco we have developed a class where we apply these principles and techniques, we combined music and the experience of a specialized trainer, you will find that the "Stretch" is extremely useful, relaxing and fun.

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