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Human beings are made up of three components: body, mind and soul. Each one of these three incumbent needs to be met to lead a balanced life, the physical need is health, psychological need is the recognition, and the spiritual need is inner peace. When there are three, there is harmony.

Yoga helps us to solve many problems; in the physical level, we are relieved of countless ailments; practice strengthens the positions of the body, creating a sense of well-being.

From the psychological point of view Yoga sharpens the intellect and helps concentration. The practice of breathing techniques calm the mind also provides us with perception and the ability to remain calm and through meditation experiencing inner peace. All without any restrictions on age, sex, health, and circumstances of life can play yoga.

The yoga is based on ethics, and discipline staff. These two concepts are universal, and there are in all societies. The Yoga is an art, a science and an immortal wisdom, is the psycho-anatomy subjective humanity better equipped for testing the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual. At that time each person experiences calmly their individuality, and the individual remains in the lap of the soul.

The yoga provides us with the energy needed to live and enjoy life, as long as you spend puts in place the world's problems and underpinning us in a wall of inner strength, our family, our friends and all of us on this benefit.

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